About Malmö Saluhall

Creating a food market in Malmö had long been a dream for Martin och Nina Karyd, the siblings behind family-owned realtors Annabostäder. Being foodies themselves, they felt the town was lacking something like this. So, when the old goods warehouse on Gibraltargatan, which had sat empty since the last train left in 1955, came on the market, the pair took their chance. The building was ideal for a market. The dream would finally become reality.

Together with Gert Wingårdh and his architecture firm, Martin and Nina began to put their vision down on paper. Materials were selected with the greatest care. Malmö Saluhall would be characterised by quality, while constantly contrasting and harmonising. All done with the upmost respect for the original warehouse and its origins in the 1800s. The plan was not to alter too much, but rather underpin the warehouse’s character with modern details and industrial forms. As a visitor you should be transported back in time, yet experience a modern day market, slaughterhouse and dairy.

They added an extension, and wrapped in weathered steel. Farmers markets and alfresco dining would be the focus in the adjoining courtyards. By 2014 all the plans were in place and construction began, as did the process of filling the market with some 20 traders. Forming the content of Malmö Saluhall was something they didn’t want to rush. It was important to meticulously select the right mix of traditional over-the-counter delis with modern eateries. Above all, every candidate had to have one key quality – passion for their craft. With that they could build a place together where everyone could meet and enjoy.

While a fusion of tastes came together on the inside, the 50 meter long building began to take shape as a food destination for gastronomists, hungry lunchers, and passionate cooks. And on the 11th November the doors opened to food lovers from around the world.

Welcome to Malmö Saluhall!